Superb Performance Under Heavy Load

The high-performance Achilles LTR-80 tire is ideal for light-duty trucks. With three large and broad zigzag blocks, this tire offers maximum strength and traction capability

Why choose these tires?

  • THREE CIRCUMFERENCE GROOVE DESIGN - Superb water channeling, improves wet traction and reduces hydroplaning.
  • CIRCULAR SIPE DESIGN - Reduces the rigidness of the tread and enhances the driving comfort.
  • ZIGZAG BLOCK DESIGN - Improves contact performance. Excellent grip, good braking performance and extended mileage, while lowering heat, wear and improve fuel economy.
Size Load Index/
Speed Rating
Rim Width Standard Rim Width Max PSI
Max Load
185R14C 102/100Q 8PR 11 5J 5.5J 6J 5,5J 7 65 1875
195R14C 106/104Q 8PR 11 5J, 5.5J, 6J 5,5J 8 65 2095
195R15C 106/104Q 8PR 11 5J, 5.5J, 6J 5J, 5.5J, 6J 8 65 2095