June 5, 2017



IRVINE, CALIF., June 5, 2017 – Team Achilles was still feeling the momentum of the double podium at Road Atlanta as they arrived at Wall Stadium Speedway ready to do battle. Bluss would claim the 4th qualifying position, which gave him a bye directly into the Top 16.  Essa, qualified 8th, would face veteran driver Ken Gushi in the Top 32.  Robbie Nishida, on the second event with his new 1,250HP Nissan GT-R, would face Alec Honadell, and Dean Kearney would once again line up against Vaughn Gittin Jr. in Top 32.

At the end of Top 32, Bluss, Essa and Nishida would all advance to the Top 16.  Nishida would retire in the 16th position in the event.  Essa would beat Gittin to advance to the Great 8, where he would once again face Daijiro Yoshihara.  Bluss would get the victory in the Top 16 when Nate Hamilton met with the infamous wall and was unable to continue.  This would put Bluss in head-to-head battle with current points leader James Deane in the Great 8.

The Great 8 saw some aggressive driving and some of the most amazing battles of the season thus far.  As the smoke cleared, both Essa and Bluss would claim the victory in their Great 8 battles, which means that the two would meet in the Final Four.  Essa would narrowly take the victory, and would move on to the finals against Odi Bakchis.  Bluss, due to his high qualifying position would automatically claim third place.  Essa would be forced to retire during the second half of the final battle due, putting him on the podium for the second time this season with a second-place finish.

This is the second time this season that Team Achilles has captured two podium spots, with a second and third-place finish at Round 3 in Atlanta.  The team has captured a total of five podium finishes in the PRO class thus far for the 2017 season.

The current points standings for Team Achilles PRO are as follows:

2nd Place – Michael Essa

6th Place – Kristaps Bluss

7th Place – Dean Kearney

27th Place – Robbie Nishida

28th Place – Taylor Hull


Achilles Radial currently sits in second place in the 2017 Tire Cup, with four rounds of competition remaining this season.


Up next, Team Achilles PRO will compete at Formula DRIFT Round 5 at Autodrome Ste. Eustache near Montreal, Canada on July 14th and 15th.  For more information on Achilles Tires USA, please visit and follow us on social media – Facebook (USA) and Instagram @achillestire

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